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4 Likely Reasons Why Your Diet Plan Is Failing

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4 Likely Reasons Why Your Diet Plan Is Failing

Most Americans make several dieting attempts annually. Between 4 - 6 attempts are made by an average dieter in America. Obviously, this means 3 previously failed attempts. This shows how discouraged a lot of people feel at the middle of their dieting path… It makes a diet plan seem like one that only a superhuman can achieve.


Are you thinking of giving up on your diet plan??

Hold for a second... Before you finally say goodbye to your diet plan, let me show you four likely reasons why your diet plan has not produced the desired result... and then, you can start all over again and walk through the sure path of success.

4 Likely Reasons Why Your Diet Plan Is Failing


Here are four most common reasons why your diet plan fails:

1. Unworkable Calorie Consumption

If you have opted for the 'starvation mode,' that could be a path to a failed dieting attempt. When your food intake is too little, the body practically begins to shut down to store up fuel.
This will cause your weight loss plan more harm than good. While it is recommended that you reduce your calorie intake for quick weight loss result, you also want to keep your metabolism at a standard level.


4 Likely Reasons Why Your Diet Plan Is Failing

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2. Lack of Hunger-Reducing Foods

Another serious issue is the failure of most diet to include enough protein and fiber in their programs. Remember, these two nutrients are great fillers. Besides protein's energy-giving characteristics, it also breaks down bit-by-bit, keeping you full for a long time.
So, when protein is combined with fiber sources like vegetables and fresh fruits,
digestion gets even slower.

A lot of diet plans have low protein foods. Although, some recommends adequate vegetables,
they discourage fruit intake. So, with these two nutrients, you should see the effectiveness
of your weight loss plan even without too much effort.


3. Time Demanding Meal Prep

Uh huh! Preparing a meal for an hour every day is a turn off.
Who has that time to spare on a meal every day? Sadly, many diets require this.
So if your diet requires this, then the reason you are failing is not farfetched.
Now, your best bet would be a plan that offers easy-to-execute principles
that leads you to achieving success.

An ideal diet plan is one that doesn’t require too much effort weekly. Your program should blend with your daily routine, not disrupt it. When you get such an ideal plan, you will definitely stick.


4 Likely Reasons Why Your Diet Plan Is Failing


4. Setting Long-Term Goals

Perhaps, you have been told that you should set long term goals for your diet plan.
Nice suggestion; or so it seems. The fact is, if your goal is to be achieved in a year,
then, you may become demotivated along the line.

So, get one with a short term definite time limit. And the perfect duration is two weeks; because that’s the average time it takes to develop new habits. You could see some great result within two weeks, and this will keep you motivated for the next two weeks...on and on, until you’re eventually attain your goal.



Love and peace,

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