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The 5 Dieting Commandments

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The 5 Dieting Commandments

Regardless of your diet plan, you may not get the desired outcome if you don’t stick to the "Diet Commandments". These ‘laws’ guide you through, until you achieve your goal.
Unfortunately, a lot of persons who claim to be on a diet plan break some of these rules, and in the end, ruin the entire process.


1st Commandment: Thou Shall Not Skip Meals

I use to be one of those who think 'the more you eat, the more your metabolism increases.
That’s not true! If you are of this school of thought, No worries, we all got misinformed at a point.

The truth is that, the energy you acquire from a diet is directly proportional to the size
of the meal - regular meals help you stay filled throughout the day.

So have your regular meals all through the day to avoid hunger and low energy.
If you go with this rule, you are more likely to sustain your weight loss plan.


The 5 Dieting Commandments


2nd Commandment: Thou Must Eat More Fresh Foods

When shopping, do well to avoid processed foods - they are one of the worst things
that can ever happen to your eating plan.

Invest in natural foods like whole grains, lean proteins, healthy fats and oil, fruits, and vegetables.
Only Adam and Eve were commanded to avoid apples – here is not the Garden of Eden, so,
you are commanded to eat as much as you can.
If there is anything like most important dieting commandment, then this is.


3rd Commandment: You Shall Consume More Protein

Protein is one of the major foods that should make up your weight loss diet plan. Protein helps to fight against food cravings, prevents loss of lean muscles, and regulates blood sugar level. And this leads to increase in your metabolic level and boosts your fat loss process as well.

Do not cut down on your protein consumption. Rather try to increase protein portions per meal. Bulgur, quinoa, whole wheat bagels and avocado are some great sources of healthy protein.


The 5 Dieting Commandments

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4th Commandment: Thou Shall Set Short Term Goals

Think about the result you get from your strategies within a short time; not in months or years. If the result you expect is a far distance away, then you may get discouraged along the line and totally opt out in the end.

It is also recommended that you create a journal where you note down your goals. Also, try to tell a friend or family about your goals - knowing someone is aware of your goal makes you more determined to achieve it.

Try breaking your goals into two weeks interval. On the average, it takes about 2 weeks to develop new habits. So that seem like an ideal duration to cultivate behaviors that you can sustain.

This is obviously the brain behind The 2 Week Diet. It keeps dieters motivated and focused until it turns out to be a habit.


5th Commandment: Compare Not Thyself with Others

Lastly, avoid comparison. It is your journey and yours - no one else’s.
You should never expect the same result as someone else.

Your best bet is drawing a comparison between your position yesterday and where you are today.
If you notice daily improvement, or continue with your diet plan, then you are most likely to succeed!


The 5 Dieting Commandments


Final Note
Now, you have read the five commandments of dieting. Do not let these laws depart from thy heart - Meditate on them both day and night and they will help your weight loss desires come through.


Love and peace,

weight loss for women



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